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At free 0845 internet, we just provide free, fast dial-up internet access.

Why is it subscription free?

We promise an anonymous, no subscription service. There are no charges other than the cost of the 0845 call, we won't send you spam, we can't trace you or hack into your computer, or hijack your phone to call Australia!

We make our money through simply receiving a percentage of the cost of the 0845 call from your phone company. Make sure you have the bill payers permission and check your phone line providers 0845 call rates before using the service.

How does it work?

All you need is a computer with a modem and a landline phone.

Set your computer to dial the 0845 number above and enter our username and password. If you're not sure how to do this just follow our internet access setup guide for your PC.

You won't need to register, there are no subscription fees or monthly charges.

Why are we so fast?

The best thing about 0845 internet is that we offer 1:1 connection with no contention, which means you don't share bandwidth with anyone else.

So your connection is always the fastest it can be.

For Technical Support email support@free0845internet.co.uk

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Dial: 0845 604 3034
Username: free0845
Password: free0845